Gear talk for the GAS-afflicted.



Hello, I’m Ed, and I’m a guitaraholic. It’s been 4 days, 3 hours and 28 seconds since I bought my last guitar.

I’ve been playing guitar for almost a decade in various bands, and I’m a guitarist, singer and dabbler in other instruments with a love for the geeky side of things!

What’s this site about?

Gear talk for the similarly GAS-afflicted. GAS. No, it’s not something you get if you’ve eaten too many beans for dinner. Gear Acquisition Syndrome – if you’re like me, and can’t help buying cool guitars much like a magpie collects shiny bits of metal, then you’ve got it. Come hang out, and live vicariously through our reviews and soundclips. If you get sucked into the GAS monster even further, it’s not my fault…

We also want to offer a wider range of articles, to try and form a sense of community around what this site represents. With that in mind, very soon we’ll be kicking off with an extended family of authors, with columns covering everything from guitar lessons to DIY/tech tips and much more. Watch this space.

I can write for you too!

If you need someone to write some blog posts for you, or do some clips or videos for your site, or just need someone to write a music-related press release or similar, I’m happy to do it! I’m always looking for work, so let me know.

We also offer syndication of current blog posts at a very reasonable rate, so if you’re interested in reproducing any of our posts for your website, please head over to our Advertise page, or email me today!

I’m ditching the contact form for now because I keep getting spammed through it! Doh!



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