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BIAS for Desktop Demo!

BIAS for Desktop Demo!

Oct 29, 2014

Guest post by Mark Hunter of Setting Fire to Stacey.

The Bias for Desktop plug in is the latest innovation from Positive Grid. It’s based pretty tightly on their iPad/iPhone versions, but adds some extra features. The primary one being the Amp Matching function, which I won’t go in to, but there is already some great demos around of it.

 I downloaded the demo version and quickly found myself very impressed by both; the tones, and just how easy it is to actually get a good tone from it.


I’ve tried out pretty much every amp sim plug in that has been released over the years, one thing I’ve always found is that they seem to excel in either High gain (Revalver) or low/mid gain (S-Gear, Amplitube). Bias is the first one that seems to have it nailed right across the board. The Plexi and JCM800 tones sound just as amazing as the Mark IIc and VH4 tones.


S-Gear was the plug in that really opened my eyes to how life like a plug in can sound, and Bias has certainly matched, if not surpassed that.


The Bias interface is both simple yet amazingly complex and in depth. You can quickly shape a great tone by doing nothing more than picking your amp, and setting the front dials. But then, you can also go ridiculously in depth and edit basically every parameter of the amp. All of the controls feel really reactive and the changes are easy to hear.


I recorded a quick demo using one of our songs (No Way Out) demoing some hard rock tones.

I didn’t change the settings much from the standard Mark IIc preset.
Bias Desktop Hard Rock Demo

Do yourself a favour and go download the demo from here:

The demo version is pretty well fully functional, it just inserts a few seconds of silence every so often. But it’s well and truly good enough to decide you love it!

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