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NGD: 1995 Gibson LP Classic Premium Plus!

NGD: 1995 Gibson LP Classic Premium Plus!

Sep 30, 2014

Earlier this year, I sold my long-treasured ’03 Gibson LP Classic, a guitar that I’d bought, sold, then bought back a few years later. I then proceeded to pimp it out with almost every tech upgrade I could think of – piezo + preamp, coil taps, blends, you name it – everything except a robot tuner, hahaha.

Then, to my eternal chagrin, I found that I liked my PRS Singlecut better. That’s not the Classic’s fault though. There’s just something amazing and rocking imbued in my crazy-green SC, codename The Hulk.

So… I sold it.

Then I heard, as I shared with you guys recently, that Gibson is planning a big poop on its whole product line, scheduled to arrive at your doorstep in 2015.


Maybe I should buy a Les Paul again…?

And to be honest, since playing the amazing R9 VOS LP Standard that I reviewed a few weeks ago, I’d kinda been wanting some flamey goodness anyway.

So… if you want flametop goodness that is almost in the ballpark of an R9, but don’t have the big bucks to shell out for the Custom Shop, what’s your next best bet?




It’s a 1995 Gibson LP Classic Premium Plus.

If you haven’t heard of these, here’s what’s’ up – you know how you can get Standard/Traditional/Classic Plus models, which have a Gibson graded AA flame maple top? Well, as the name implies, the Premium Plus series (made approximately from 1993-1997 and 1999-2001) is another step above, or AAA.

There are lots of other assorted interesting facts about the Premium Plus series which makes them fairly desirable guitars today (for example, in 96-97, some were built in the Custom Shop), and if you’d like to know more, here’s where I learnt everything I needed to know about these cool, and somewhat uncommon guitars:

But really, all you need to know is that they’re killer flame maple machines.

They’re pretty hard to find, though.

So, once I’d decided that I wanted to hunt them down, I started scouring eBay and my favourite Japanese sites in search of one. I actually tried to get my hands on a beautifully flamed trans-amber model, but as luck would have it, I missed out on it. So when this guy showed up, I knew I had to grab it! Special thanks to Gohno-san at Ishibashi Music for helping me sort it out :)


Enough talk. Let’s see some pictures!!!








Pretty sweet, huh? I’m definitely loving it, though the pickups are a bit high output for what I want, so they’ll probably get replaced with something of a PAF flavour…

Let’s see some pics of your prized LPs!

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