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NEWS: Mesa Release the Mark Five Twenty Five!!

NEWS: Mesa Release the Mark Five Twenty Five!!

Sep 17, 2014

Oh snap.

As many of you may know, I use a Mesa/Boogie Mark V for pretty much all of my reviews. It’s a great, great amp that can do genuinely great Fender cleans, raunchy crunch and high-gain Mark Series madness.

Now, if you thought that was cool, Mesa have gone one further…

Mesa/Boogie Mark V Twenty Five

Notable differences from the Mk V that I’ve seen so far (and feel free to inspect the Mesa website and spot more!

  • 2 channels instead of 3
  • Ch 1 plucks Clean, Fat and Crunch modes from the Mk V
  • Ch 2 grabs MkIIC+, Mk IV and Xtreme from the Mk V
  • Switchable from 25W down to 10W, vs 90/45/10W on the V
  • Headphone out for silent playing!
  • The new CabClone technology is included as a DI out. Cool stuff.
  • Doesn’t have a Variac power mode.
  • Oh, and it looks like there’s no Solo boost?
  • It also looks like they’ve put in the Mini Rectifier style front input for the footswitch. Looks like a normal TRS type jack, so I’d expect Ch1/Ch2 switching and EQ on/off. At least the footswitch won’t be as gigantic as the Mk V’s.
  • Different poweramp tubes – EL84 instead of 6L6. Potentially one of the bigger factors that’ll influence how it stacks up to big brother.

It’ll be interesting to see how this is priced in comparison to the Mk V. It seems like a perfect option if you want something that’s good for smaller stages and home recording and practice. Though I always say, my Mk V is the best practice amp I’ve ever owned.

If it’s anything like my Mk V, this is going to be the most kick-ass small(ish) head ever.

I’m excited – are you?

MESA/Boogie Mark Five: 25 Official Demo Video


Pricing in the US looks to be around $1300USD. Indicative pricing here in NZ is around the early $2000s.

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