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Dimarzio unveils PAF Master set with Paul Gilbert demo!

Paul Gilbert demos DiMarzio PAF Master Pickups

So, apparently there’s a new Master in town! I guess after they released the extremely well-regarded 36th Anniversary set, Dimarzio thought they could do one better again.

This is the official description for the new PAF Master DP260 (neck) and DP261 (bridge) set:

PAF® Master Bridge


One variation that’s highly sought after by vintage PAF® players is a pickup that is quiet, bright, and very dynamic. The PAF® Master Bridge Model has all that combined with real rock and roll character. It reacts to playing, and sounds good when playing more than one note at the same time. Picked hard, it has a beautiful, snarly, thick, rockin’ tone. The PAF® Master Bridge Model: vintage just got better.

Tech Talk

We chose Alnico 4 for the PAF® Master Bridge Model because of its high iron content and energy coefficient. AL4 lends more body and attack to the sound than you might expect from a pickup with relatively low output voltage and DC resistance specs. The PAF® Master Bridge Model is not a loud pickup, but it feels hot because of its fast and aggressive response to pick attack.

PAF® Master Neck


We’ve done the research and seen all the mythology around pickups made with NOS wire, unoriented magnets, butyrate bobbins, vintage alloys, unbalanced coils, et al. We prefer to focus on results rather than on replicas. The PAF® Master Neck Model uses several of our patented ideas to create a pickup that pays tribute to the original sound without imitating it. Instead of “accidentally” unbalancing the coils, we’ve tuned them to different frequencies to get the same effect without compromising hum-cancellation.

Looks like they come with the option of an aged pickup cover as well, I wonder how much of an upcharge that might be:

What do you think of Paul’s demo? To be honest, it’s kinda hard to tell how great or otherwise it may be without actually playing one yourself. But I have faith in Dimarzio!

On another note, has anyone absorbed Paul’s new album Stone Pushing Uphill Man yet? I gave it a quick listen the other day… not too sure about it yet. It’s very much in the vein of Andy Timmons’s Sgt Pepper covers album, where he recreates the vocal melodies using his guitar. But with some signature Paul style rocking, of course! I just don’t know if there’s enough signature Paul Gilbert in there for me to love it just yet…

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