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Positive Grid announce BIAS for desktop! OSX and Windows compatible

Recently, the great guys who distribute Positive Grid in NZ gave me a demo unit of the awesome little JamUp Plug. Trouble is, I don’t have an iPhone, so I couldn’t really get full use out of it without stealing my girlfriend’s old, outdated iPhone 4.

I do, however, have a Mac! So I was like, hey, can I just… nope, you can’t. JamUp Plug is iOS only.

However, I guess Positive Grid have been listening to people asking for more options, seeing as they just announced this:

BIAS Desktop Amp Matching – Randall Ch1 – Will It Match?

Watch this video on YouTube

Insanely Great Tone

Create totally new sounds by designing your custom dream amp. BIAS is now available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Using Bias’ highly intuitive and lightning-fast interface, it’s child’s play to instantly swap out colorful tube preamps, lush distortion circuits, classic tone stacks, boutique power stages, custom-built transformers and cabs loaded with specially matched speakers.

The result is a dynamic depth and range of tones not possible using traditional guitar amps or other static modelers.

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