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What would Cacophony sound like today? Marty Friedman’s new track with Jason Becker – Horrors

What would Cacophony sound like today? Marty Friedman’s new track with Jason Becker – Horrors

May 28, 2014


Quote from Marty on the collaboration from his new album Inferno:

“I wanted to have one song where [Jason and I] could collaborate, just like we used to collaborate together in CACOPHONY. And what he did was he gave me a bunch of his musical ideas to choose from, and I chose from those, and then I arranged them. And I added my parts to those and I fleshed it out into a complete kind of an opus of a song — it’s really long; it’s, like, seven and a half minutes or something. And then it came to the point where now I’ve gotta play Jason‘s parts of have someone play Jason‘s parts.

So, basically, I played everything that was electric. But there’s an acoustic section of the song that I’d rather have an acoustic master play than me, ’cause I’m totally a half-assed acoustic player. So I had a friend of mine named Ewan Dobson, who is also a friend of Jason‘s, I had him play what Jason wrote and what I arranged of Jason‘s parts, I had him be Jason.

So I had him come into the studio and be Jason, and I had him play exactly the way I had arranged Jason‘s material. And it was literally just like sitting in a room with Jason and having him play it, because [Ewan] didn’t diverge from what was actually written at all, he just interpreted it exactly the way it was… It was written down — I arranged it, I had it written down — so he just nailed it completely perfectly and I wanted to make sure it was true to a Marty-and-Jason collaboration.

I mean, [Ewan is] a fantastic guitarist — I would love to collaborate with him sometime — but on this, it was all about the Marty-and-Jason thing. So I had him do the Jason parts on acoustic, and I played everything else on electric. Of course, I play nothing like Jason.”

I definitely like the heavier groove – it certainly sounds like an evolved, more modern version of the Cacophony sound. But somehow I feel like it’s lacking the mix of Japanese scale and purer neo-classical influences that made the original Cacophony records groundbreaking.

What do you guys think?

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