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Sheptone Pickups – We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Sheptone Pickups – We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Mar 3, 2014

The title may be whimsical, and a flimsy excuse for me to include a picture of Taylor Swift in this post, but I can assure you that I am anything but jovial right now.

A few months ago I posted this little rant about how a boutique pickup winder was screwing me over with possibly the WORST customer service I’ve ever experienced in the guitar industry in my adult life (not counting interaction with shop floor retail guys as a visibly tyre-kicking broke-ass teenager).

I’d hoped that would be that, and it would all happily be settled behind the scenes with no further animosity – I mean, no one likes a name and shame.


As time went by after that post, things didn’t improve at all. In fact, it just got more and more downright rude. So much so that I feel like it needs to be said –


And if you’re anything like me, and like to receive some measure of respect as a paying customer, then maybe you shouldn’t either.

Surely you’re overreacting, you silly bastard!

I’ll freely admit that if I saw a post like this, that would be my first thought. So… here is the complete email thread of my interaction with Jeff, owner of Sheptone pickups, for all to see. You be the judge – am I a dick for thinking that this guy has been, well, a dick?

4 August 2013

Here’s a short FB conversation I had with Jeff after I saw a FB promo of theirs advertising discounted Strat pickups.

Ed Lim

I’d like some of those Strat pickups please!


Sheptone Guitar Pickups

let me know which set you want, shipping address, and paypal address and I will send an invoice thanks – shep

A little more conversation follows about which set I wanted, etc. Not really relevant. In any case:


9 August 2013

Paypal invoice received from Sheptone.


13 August 2013

I paid Sheptone in full as per the invoice. I was told wait time would be 4-8 weeks, which was fine. Then there was complete silence – no updates, no emails or anything, so I thought I’d just send a little reminder through.


3 October 2013

Hi there,

I ordered a set of Strat pickups from you about 2 months ago, but that’s the last I heard of any updates. Could you please let me know where that’s at?
I know, I’m running way behind, they are on my radar for this weekend
sorry for the delay
Fair enough, I thought. But then…

19th of freaking November 2013

Hi Jeff,

This is taking a little too long, especially with zero communication or status updates being offered.
Could you please cancel my order and send a Paypal refund to this email account?
With the following reply the next day:
I show as shipped, you haven’t received them yet?

To which I reply:



I never received any tracking number, or notification that the pickups had shipped, by the way.


21 November 2013

If they are still not there in a week, let me know
So I waited again… silly me.

30 November 2013

Hi Jeff,

Still no sign of these. Please process the Paypal refund – I don’t want to wait another 3 months for a replacement set.

9 December 2013 – going on 4 months from the original order date

Hi Jeff,

I understand that you guys are just coming out of Thanksgiving and are perhaps still on holiday but some response (even an “out of office” one) would be nice. If I can’t reach you directly then social media will be my only other alternative for trying to communicate.
I.e. let’s see if I can rustle up a response if I threaten to go to Facebook/Twitter etc with this.
I’ll get it done when some money lands in my paypal next
The pickups may still arrive, if they do let me know
No… you didn’t read that wrongly. I’LL GET IT DONE WHEN SOME MONEY LANDS IN MY PAYPAL NEXT. Un-fucking-believable. For the record, the cost of the pickups was $120 USD – hardly a king’s ransom.

16 December 2013


What’s the status on the refund?
Cos, you know, my goddamn PayPal balance is still reading $0.

18 December 2013

some in there, not quite enough it’s been a VERY slow week…is this your paypal address?

Oh come on. I have to call bullshit here. A boutique winder whose pickups cost in the hundreds per set, and yet it’s apparently trickling in, and not enough to make $120? You’ve gotta be kidding me here.

Now I’m fucking pissed.


Sorry Jeff, but to be blunt, the state of your PayPal account is not my problem at all. Zero communication, no notification that the product had shipped, no tracking information, and it went missing in the post – the responsibility sits squarely with you to make things right. I shouldn’t need to wait for money to trickle into your account.
Please action the refund by end of this week.

21 December 2013

Sheptone, LLC sent you $120.00 USD

Well thank FUCK for that.

And guess what? After my last email, I didn’t hear a damn thing back from Mr Jeff Sheptone. Not a “Sorry about the miscommunication” or a “Hey, let’s do a goodwill discount or freebie if you’ll use us again”, or even a freaking “lolz soz it got l0st bro”.

This may seem old fashioned but this kind of dick behaviour is just NOT acceptable to me.


So the moral of the story is…

My experience with Sheptone really, really sucked. I don’t really know if I’m in the minority here or what, but what I got from it was that the guy obviously has no goddamn clue about how to treat his customers, or maybe, even worse – just doesn’t care. I wouldn’t go near one of his products with a really long stick. Knowing what you know now about how he might treat you and your business… would you?


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