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NAMM 2014 – Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature

NAMM 2014 – Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature

Feb 4, 2014

Okay, I’ll come straight out and say it. This is the BEST guitar I laid my hands on the whole show. The new CharvelĀ Guthrie GovanĀ signature guitar:

The guitar is chock full of beautiful figured wood – uber flamed maple on the body, and a flamey/birdseye figuring on the neck. It also comes in birdseye figuring for the body, but that guitar was gone by the time I got there – I guess someone bought it?!

Antique brass-look pickups which are custom wound by Fender Custom Shop for Guthrie and this guitar – not available aftermarket as of this moment.

It also features an elegant new take on the bevelled neck joint for easier upper fret access:

The neck has an oiled feel to it, and feels just like coming home to an old friend – it’s worn in and comfortable, really as far away from a plasticky new-feeling neck as you could get. This is my favourite thing about this guitar. The neck finish feels SO similar to my favourite Wolfgang, which has earned its stripes through years of sweat, grime and cigarette smoke to get its worn in feel – but the Charvel Guthrie Govan sig nails that off the shelf!

The Floyd Rose is also equipped with a Tremol-no in the back so you can lock it or set it to dive only as you please.

My only regret is that this is a Charvel USA guitar, at USA prices – fat chance of me ever owning one! But if there was one guitar I could have taken home from the show, this would have been it!

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