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NAMM 2014 – ESP USA, EII and… wait, what happened to LTD Elite?

NAMM 2014 – ESP USA, EII and… wait, what happened to LTD Elite?

Jan 30, 2014

Yep, it’s been canned. After the branding disaster that was the whole E-II thing, ESP decided that having yet another Japanese product line (LTD Elite) was just too damn confusing for consumers – and rightly so.

Thus, probably the biggest outcome of NAMM 2014 for ESP is that the whole LTD Elite thing has been axed.

Crazy Customs

One of the main draws of the ESP booth is the large number of uber custom shop guitars, which more often than not feature some sort of angel being speared by a guitar neck. This year was no different:

We have the usual angels:

Demons: (Hey, this is like a Dan Brown novel)

Then all of a sudden, wtf, you have a T-Rex with a guitar neck sticking out his ass:

There were a few less outlandish but nonetheless outstanding custom pieces:

And heaps more – check out the gallery right at the bottom of this post for the full scoop.


The other big shake-up to the ESP world was the announcement of a USA factory! A bunch of these made it to the show, but to be honest there wasn’t really anything truly unique to distinguish them from the rest of the ESP line.


These were probably my favourite new E-II model. Sleek, sexy superstrat.

Some of LTD Elite line has been absorbed into E-II:

ESP Artist Series

The new James Hetfield Iron Cross Eclipse looks pretty sweet!

The Ben Weinman LTD sig also looks quite intriguing:


Check out the full set of pics with lots of close ups!


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