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Pearl Jam vs Van Halen?

This is something I would never have expected to see!

“The last time we played here, in 2010, we played a song and we said it was the only time we would ever play this song. And it was the only time we ever played this song. But as soon as we walked into the back room tonight…I was like, ‘This is where we played that song! And, for some reason, I just really need to play that song again!’ But before we play that song, he’s [pointing to lead guitarist Mike McCready] going to play this song.”

Eruption AND Ain’t Talking Bout Love – probably two of my favourite VH songs ever! But does the Pearl Jam version stack up? Watch the video and find out…

Personally, I was pretty impressed that Mike McCready cranked out Eruption – but let’s face it, he ain’t no EVH! It’s nice to see him showcasing some blazing chops though.

I also felt like it was a bit weird hearing Eddie Vedder singing a DLR song… he just seems far too serious for that kind of carry on.

Nevertheless, it’s always cool to see iconic bands pay tribute to each other. It’s not a bad day for music.






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