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School of Rock 10 Year Reunion!



What?? It’s been 10 years since School of Rock came out??

Whether you like Jack Black or not, you’d have to be an especially grinchy curmudgeon to dislike the wonderful, feel good, rock music laden movie that is School of Rock. Not only did it have a great message for kids – that you could be cool by being yourself, of course – but it also underscored a very subtle point – rock music is better than all other music. Hahaha.

No, seriously – have you ever seen a gangsta rap themed children’s movie? And can you imagine that there could be any moral to that story? What about School of Dubstep?

… yeah, I’m not buying it.

The best part for me was that most of the kids in the movie were chosen because of their skill as musicians, and any acting they did came second, which meant convincing, kick ass musicianship and pretty genuine responses from these little kids.

The Legend of Rent… still not paid?

It’s been freaking ten years! How do you go about celebrating that? Jack Black and most of the kids from the movie got on stage together recently to jam on a really familiar tune:

How cool is that?

If you want to see how little manager kid Summer turned out, here’s a short segment with her:

Consider your hearts warmed.

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