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Richie Allan – Interstellar Abduction Release Clinic!

Richie Allan – Interstellar Abduction Release Clinic!

Oct 12, 2013

As you probably know, Richie Allan – Ibanez/Dimarzio endorsee and longtime veteran of the NZ instrumental metal/shred scene – is the mastermind behind The Heavy Metal Ninjas. Last night I had the pleasure of attending a guitar clinic to mark the release of the new HMN album Interstellar Abduction.

It was awesome!

Atwaters Musicworks was packed to the brim with eager shredheads waiting for a dose of Richie’s distinctive brand of instrumental music – fusing classic influences such as Steve Vai, Jason Becker and many more, while adding a heavy, rhythmic edge that is all his own.

We started promptly at 7pm… and quickly, face melting ensued.

First, for the gear nuts, here’s Richie’s setup:


Interstellar Abduction – aka my hand was shaky


6, 7 and 8 strings are evident (some details on guitars in the video clip later on), with Axe-FX II, MFC-101 footswitch and Mission Engineering expression pedal, through an Art poweramp of some sort, into twin ENGL cabs and also cranking direct through the PA.

Richie played a range of songs, some older, some brand new – my favourite of which was a track called “Melodyk”, a nicer, softer touch compared to the HMN signature brand of pulsating, heavy riffs. Almost like Richie Allan’s very own Tender Surrender, if you know what I mean.

Anyway… I won’t hold you up any longer. Here are some of my highlights from the clinic – unfortunately the rest was destroyed by face melting volume levels farting out my camera. The comments and edits aren’t strictly in chronological order… but I hope you enjoy it!

So… as you can see, it was a pretty informal and enjoyable clinic. Richie answered a lot of questions about gear, technique and his songwriting process, and constantly had the audience laughing and having a good time. At the end of it all (a  good hour and a half of shredding!) we dutifully lined up and got our CDs signed by the master himself – and our regular 6SS contributor (and HMN guitarist!) Brandon Reihana was also there to put pen to paper.

This is how I’d like to spend more of my Friday nights.




PS – if you missed this one, there will be another at the end of November, so keep a lookout on 6SS for news about that one!

PPS – while it lasts, here’s a free stream of the entire album!


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