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Adrian @ Ash Customworks – Maker of Things

Adrian @ Ash Customworks – Maker of Things

Sep 4, 2013

Here is a really cool little mini-documentary about one of my favourite luthiers in NZ, Adrian at Ash Customworks. He’s a really great guy – smart, with a great eye for aesthetics but also with an incredible depth of knowledge in the science and magic behind making guitars. It’s awesome to see him getting more of the recognition he deserves!

You may have seen a sunburst PRS/Hamer-esque guitar in our video of the Bogner Amplification Uberschall pedal. That’s my Ash Customworks Heilo, and what a kick ass guitar it is. It’s become one of my main guitars over the years – lightweight so your back doesn’t suffer, but beefy and yet vintage vibey at the same time with its Rio Grande pickup complement.

The ASH Heilo is a “guitar for all seasons” giving wonderful tonal versatility, striking beauty and the feel of… yep, you know it. A carved-top body of cedrella (spanish cedar) or a custom combo like maple/mahogany or kauri/saligna holds two coil splitting humbuckers and the ASH-GT hardtail bridge. The guitar features the unique ASH trefoil neck system bringing together selected American rock maple with specific grain orientations and optional unidirection carbon fibre or stripe laminates to produce an exceptionally stiff and stable neck. Together these features bring you an instrument that pushes the limits of versatility. If there can be only one… This is the one.



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