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Brandon Reihana – When String Skipping and Tapping Collide!

Brandon Reihana – When String Skipping and Tapping Collide!

Aug 6, 2013

When string skipping and tapping collide!

Hi guys! Through no fault of his own (mostly just my fault, sorry!) we’re a bit late publishing Brandon Reihana’s latest column… However, it is a pretty cool one as he continues fielding some reader requests as he did last time on Six-String Samurai. This time, it’s a special request from me! I’ve always wanted to learn to play extreme tapping licks, but sadly the most I’ve been able to muster is a halfarsed version of Eruption… so I asked our resident shred guru to show us all some licks to get us all into that tapping headspace!

I have been mucking around with this kind of playing for years. My first introduction to this technique would have been Nuno Bettencourt in a track called Get The Funk Out, killer track and amazing guitar solo (solo around 2:40).

A little while after this, I was checking out a video of a guitarist called Micheal Romeo (or, as I like to call him, the fat mountain of shred! -thesamurai) when a student has asked me to learn a solo for him, and this is where I started to get more deeply into this technique. So for your reader request this time, I’ve put together a couple licks to tickle your taste buds – enjoy!


What finger or fingers should I use to tap this? Any finger that feels comfortable to use. Try using your index finger or you can use your middle finger so you can easily have the pick between your thumb and index ready for a picking line.

May - Arp 1

May - Arp 3

Time to engage hyperdrive!

That was fun, huh? Now it’s time to step it up!

Here we have an extended version of the two tapped string skipping arpeggios. It is quite a task to keep the strings quiet but with practice you can use both your left and right hands to minimise the string noise OR you could wrap a cloth at the 3rd fret to mute the strings instead – no shame in that, plenty of 8 finger tapping pros do this to minimise noise. However, if you CAN learn to simultaneously mute with both your right and left hands then you’ll be prepared for any eventuality!

Dm7add11 Arpeggio Extended

May - Arp 2

And here it is slow:


Now to extend our other base arpeggio sequence.

Bbmaj7add9 Arpeggio Extended

May - Arp 4


May - Arp 4 part 2


And here it is slow:

Hope you guys enjoyed the lesson! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, and I will try my best to accommodate any requests you guys have!

Brandon Reihana is an Ibanez endorsed guitarist who is perhaps best known for his contribution to the band Blindspott, as part of the line-up that produced the certified Platinum album End The Silence. He has toured and played alongside internationally acclaimed acts such as Metallica, Linkin Park, Tool and Deftones. Previously a part of critically acclaimed metal band New Way Home (who were recently signed by Warner Music), Brandonrecently broke away to focus on his true passion – instrumental guitar rock, following in the footsteps of his influences like Joe Satriani,  Steve Vai and Jason Becker.
These days, Brandon can be found slinging his Ibanez guitars as an integral member of the instrumental metal/shred outfit The Heavy Metal Ninjas, bringing his punishing riffing style and technical wizardry into what was already a highly-skilled line-up. He is also currently working on his solo debut, a five track EP called Break Through Consciousness which will be released in 2013.

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