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6SS Year One: Setting Fire To Stacey – Rising Stars of NZ Hard Rock

6SS Year One: Setting Fire To Stacey – Rising Stars of NZ Hard Rock

Apr 29, 2013

Continuing 6SS Year One Birthday Week coverage, we’re bringing you a bit more coverage of homegrown NZ talent. Read on!

Setting Fire To Stacey is an emerging hard rock band, arisen from the rubble of Christchurch City through sheer force of will and stubborn determination. Their brand of driving hard rock recalls diverse influences such as Tool, System of a Down, Chevelle, Cancer Bats and Seether, with the end product emerging as something altogether unique and instantly memorable.

Their first song, Something Out of Nothing, and its accompanying video quickly spread like wildfire through social media, amassing a thousand plus views in the space of a few days. They have recently spent time at the acclaimed Roundhead Studios recording their debut singles with producer Sam Browne (Black River Drive) and engineer extraordinaire Zorran Mendonsa (Blacklistt, New Way Home, In Dread Response, Cobra Kahn, Subtract and many more) at the helm. With these recordings in hand, they’re out to conquer the local airwaves as well as continuing to pull support at the grassroots level, playing to increasingly packed audiences eager to lap up every second of sonic mayhem.

The band consists of members Arend Hoek (vocals), Mark Hunter (lead guitar), Zakk Rickard (rhythm guitar), Hamish Collison (bass) and Ross Greig (drums).

Special thanks also to NCS Photography for the photos.

Something Out of Nothing

A prophetic song title, especially for a band coming out of earthquake-torn Christchurch. Determined to get their sound onto the local airwaves, they made the trek up the country to the acclaimed Roundhead Studio in Auckland.

Step 1: Perfect grooves in pre-production.

When it’s time to hit record, you know shit’s about to get real with this setup…

Time to set up the main room.

Recording de bass, mon.

Guitars were tracked later on at Zorran Mendonsa’s home studio:

End Result? \m/

You can hear the end result right here:

And as of a little while ago, SFTS have received some kick-ass news – Radio Hauraki have accepted Something Out of Nothing for airplay!! It’s actually going live for the FIRST time ever tomorrow morning around 11.30am – so make sure you tune in to support them. It will also be on the Rock FM shortly.

I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about these guys very soon. Cos, you know, they rock.

Pssst – if you haven’t seen the rest of the 6SS birthday celebrations, check out our interview with The Heavy Metal Ninjas, as well as a review of the Blackstar ID260TVP combo – and more to come throughout the week!

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