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Gibson Chris Cornell ES335 announced

If you’ve fallen on black days and sure don’t mind a change from your normal ES335 – Chris Cornell and Gibson have teamed up to bring you something that’ll make you want to break your rusty cage and run to the shops! Okay, enough Soundgarden puns. Sorry.

The new, and very limited edition, as I understand it, Gibson Chris Cornell ES335 will be available in two finishes – Army Green, as Chris’s page seems to call it, or “Drab Green” according to the Music Zoo’s pre-order page, and plain flat black. The big point of difference on these is that they will feature Lollar┬áLollartron (okay I just want to rabidly say lolololololololol every time I see the word Lollar) pickups!! Other cool things are the flat/satin finish, and VOS style hardware with a Bigsby right in there.

I like how it’s not blinged up, and just seems quintessentially Chris’s style. I’m a huuuge fan, and it’s great to see Soundgarden back on the map – now when’s Kim Thayil getting some signature gear?!

Anyway, here are some pics! The Music Zoo says that the black, tune-o-matic version will retail for $2999USD, while the green one will go for $3,329USD. Pretty similar to the price of a normal 335 Dot – this is way cooler though, in my opinion!

chris cornell 335



  1. I’ll take it if Chris Cornell is included! ;)

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