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Focusrite release RedNet – Ethernet-networked audio interface

I got a really interesting email from Focusrite yesterday, about a new audio interface they’ve released – it’s called the RedNet, and the unique thing about it is that it connects not via your usual USB or Firewire, but via Ethernet cable! Now, I might not be a particularly IT savvy guy, but apparently using a gigabit connection (learnt that word from a friend, specially for this, hah) is faster than USB/Firewire connections, and thus theoretically with such a device you’d be able to enjoy more tracks, with less latency.

Also, using Ethernet would potentially allow you to network through a large integrated system rather than being limited to the short USB cable between your computer and the interface.

Any studio engineer guys, it’d be interesting to hear your take on this – if you read this, feel free to drop some knowledge! Failing that, here’s the blurb from Focusrite, and you can read more here about the individual models:

Imagine a life without multicores…

RedNet is an Ethernet audio interface system.

Rednet is Focusrite’s new flagship range of Ethernet-networked studio interfaces, based around the tried and tested Dante Ethernet audio networking system from Australian company Audinate. Focusrite’s RedNet is the first to offer IP network audio interfaces for the recording studio – or any application that requires moving high-quality audio around with ultra-low latency.


RedNet forms a scalable system that comprises high-quality, versatile interfaces that deliver traditional Focusrite quality sound and performance, with exceptional value for money. Fundamentally, RedNet is a near zero-latency audio distribution system. It is highly expandable; Audinate’s Dante technology enables a single link on the network to handle up to 512 channels (I/O) at 48kHz.

Dante_PortEvery analogue interface delivers dynamic range of 119dB, with 24-bit resolution at sample rates up to 192kHz. Each embodies the most advanced digital audio conversion designs available, including the latest A-D and D-A components, to provide exceptional quality. And with RedNet, you don’t need additional cabling and complexity to sync to a master clock: the system takes care of that automatically as rock steady clocking between units is carried over Ethernet with JetPLL™ for ultra-low-jitter.


  1. I like the look of this. Pretty hefty network switching and setup requirements though (managed switch with QoS), but I guess they aren’t cheap, so it’s probably not a big deal for the people that would be buying them.

  2. Ah cool. Someone who understands all the networking mumbo jumbo, cos I don’t! Haha.

  3. It’s all 1’s and 0’s, but still expensive black magic ;)

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