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New for 2013: Pedaltrain VOLTO – rechargeable power supply!

Did you wish that you could have a power supply to run all your pedals off, but without the hassle of finding a power source, or having yet another cable running out of your snake’s nest of trip hazards? Pedaltrain have got just the thing for you – a tiny, smartphone sized rechargeable power supply which runs off a lithium ion powerpack. This is awesome! I might have to get one for my burgeoning pedalboard…

Press release follows:



The Pedaltrain VOLTO is an innovative solution for the pedal user on the go. Using cutting edge lithium-ion battery technology we have designed an efficient and super quiet alternative to traditional AC powered options. The Volto has two 9 volt outputs which are capable of providing a total output power capacity of 2000mA. The Volto is a great choice for small pedalboards like our Pedaltrain-NANO and MINI. It’s also super thin, about the same size as a smart phone. The Volto includes connecting cables and an AC charger with universal plug adapters that will allow you to recharge anywhere in the world. Now your set up can be as clean and simple as one cable from your guitar to your pedalboard and one cable back to your amp, that’s it!


  1. would do most of my rig just fine

  2. Jeremy Bertenshaw, just buy two? Haha. The cool thing is that it exists – that just means that flexibility/increased output is just a matter of waiting.

    Diabolus Sinistrous – yep, it’ll do my bunch of tiny pedals just fine. Serious contender to replace the standard Godlyke.

  3. how have you found the mooer stuff?

  4. Dude, loving it. Will try and crank out the reviews in the next two weeks – I have the Godin Core P90 in the queue first though.

    I played a gig recently basically only running the Mooer pedals, with the OCD clone doing most of the drive duties. Great tone all night long!

  5. great to hear they seem pretty cool space savers.

    1. Jodie says:

      does it have an off switch? so that it doesnt drain the power when the patch cables are plugged into the pedals when not in use

      1. thesamurai says:

        I’d imagine so, though I can’t explicitly see a switch on the box. The McPherson Solar Fuzz that we reviewed had an off switch:

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