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New for 2013: The EVH Wolfgang LT – ’58 Les Paul in disguise?!

Here’s an interesting piece from the Van Halen New Desk… there’s a new EVH Wolfgang on the block – the LT. It’s an interesting mix of features – apparently the neck profile is heavily based on a particular ’58 Gibson Les Paul that Eddie loved, so it’ll be a change from the usual, rather distinctive Wolfgang profile (though to be fair, the new EVH Wolfgang is already quite different in neck profile from the “classic” Wolfgang).

Block inlays add a bit of LP Custom flavour, while a hardtail bridge with fine tuners as well as a locking nut (huh?) add to the new guitar’s gene pool. Finally, an uber-contoured neck heel (which suggests neck through or at least a deeply set tenon) for upper fret access, just to throw another curve ball at vintage specs.


From The Music Zoo:

NAMM 2013:  What could be cooler than meeting Eddie Van Halen?  Meeting Eddie Van Halen then getting to play his guitar!   That’s exactly what happened last night in a little behind the scenes moment at NAMM 2013.  This is the EVH Wolfgang LT.  The “LT” stands for Larry Thomas, (parent company) Fender’s CEO and genuine guitar guy.  Larry worked with Ed and lead EVH builder Chip Ellis to create this new model that is perhaps the finest in EVH history.  Watch the video for Chip’s explanation on what makes this new model so awesome.


Chip Ellis On The New EVH Wolfgang Custom LT At NAMM 2013

So what’s new?  You’ll notice right away the fixed bridge with fine tuners.  It’s also hard to miss the very “familiar” vibe to the dual humbuckers, knobs, and ‘burst, and that’s because Ed had a certain vintage 1958 solidbody of his in mind with this EVH update.  The neck is patterned directly after that vintage ‘Burst, and it’s chunky and awesome.  The neck heel has a very fast carve, allowing you to get right up there.  The top spec EVH Wolfgang LT will be the aged version seen here in Ed’s hands.  This guitar is his; we played it and and it’s phenomenal   We tried to buy it, but Ed won’t give it up.  Oh well, it will be worth the wait!  You can get yours at The Music Zoo later this year.

EVH Chip 8243 Video: Chip Ellis On The New EVH Wolfgang Custom LT

EVH Chip 8244 Video: Chip Ellis On The New EVH Wolfgang Custom LT

EVH 8204 Video: Chip Ellis On The New EVH Wolfgang Custom LT


  1. Yeah, I guess that would also bring the feel of the neck closer to Eddie’s standard unpainted oiled necks as well.

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