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New for 2013: Tech 21 NYC Private Stock – Blonde Deluxe!

Ahh, we saw this in our Day 1 NAMM spread! Here’s the official press release (though I reused our own pic, cos I think it’s awesome enough!).

Tech 21 is issuing a deluxe version of their popular Blonde pedal from the SansAmp Character Series
through their Private Stock division. Last year, a deluxe version of their Liverpool pedal sold out quicker
than anticipated, and caused a flurry of requests to create a Blonde Deluxe next. Quantities are
extremely limited and will be available directly through Tech 21 only.

The SansAmp Blonde Deluxe features a combination of an all-analog signal path and convenient digital
recall. Super simple to operate, changes can easily be made on the fly. You just turn the knobs to a
setting you like, double click on a footswitch and it’s saved in that channel. You can tailor and program

any six sounds, from sparkly clean to lead boosted tones. The Character control gives you the ability to
travel from the ‘50s Fullerton through the tweed, blonde, blackface, and silverface family of amp styles.
Dual inputs allow you to have two instruments on-line and ready to go. With 6 program locations, you
can create three custom tones for each input or use all six for a single instrument.

There are four independent, pop-free footswitch actuators and the same controls as its sibling –Drive,
Character, Low, Mid, High and Level. The SansAmp Blonde Deluxe can be used as a pre-amp or
stomp box with any amp/combo, power amp and speaker cabinet, or direct into any mixing console.
There’s a 1/4-inch instrument level input, as well as 1/4” and XLR outputs with selectable levels, and
an effects loop. The SansAmp Blonde Deluxe is phantom power operable, or utilizes an optional 9V
DC power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC2), or 9V battery.

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