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NAMM 2013: Rockshop + Six-String Samurai Joint Coverage!! **Day 2**

NAMM 2013: Rockshop + Six-String Samurai Joint Coverage!! **Day 2**

Jan 26, 2013

Hey folks!! If you haven’t already, check out our Pre-show and Day 1 coverage of Winter NAMM 2013 so far. We’ve seen some exciting stuff – upgrades to the Sterling by Music Man line, some flashy new PRS guitars, a whole bunch of shred from Dean Guitars and more – all brought to you courtesy of the good folks at NZ Rockshop, with me putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, I guess) on the other side of the world!

Now – Day 2 beckons…

Sweet Marshall O’ Mine

Recently we got the latest goss on Slash’s new amp, the Marshall SL-5C. It’s a little combo loosely based on the AFD concept, but with a single Vintage 30 speaker, digital reverb, and it’s 5W switchable down to 1W. It’s looking like the price will be around $699 in the US – and if this makes any difference to you, the amp is going to be manufactured in China. The fanatic Slash fan in me is tempted to get one… even though I already have an AFD100!

NAMM 2013: Marshall SL5 Slash Signature combo Amplifier SL-5

When Marshall Amps go to NAMM, they sure as hell go in a BIG way!


Hmmmm… here’s the Marshall Custom Pin-up amp. This is the first I’ve heard of these – but it appears to be a custom version of the Class 5 head, with 1×10″ pin-up graphic speaker cabinets. I’m a bit hazy on the details… hopefully there’s something a bit more special about these other than the aesthetic changes?


Godin Gobsmacker

No… that’s not the model name. I’m actually not sure what this is, but I’m sure Matt will chime in when he can. It’s a jazzbox of some sort obviously, with trippy custom paint. Godin is such an underrated brand – I’m currently working on a review of their Core P90 guitar, and it’s absolutely killer! And great value for money too.


Here are a few more cool offerings from Godin. This looks like a Multiac of some sort, possibly the ACS-SA Koa model.


Beautiful top right here! This Multiac also has a neck pickup for added electric/magnetic pickup sounds.


This guy here looks like a Session Custom… except it has something special in the back, the newly announced Fishman Triple Play!


What’s a Fishman Triple Play?

Already adopted by world-renowned guitarist and composer John McLaughlin, the new Fishman Triple Play™ Wireless Guitar Controller makes  composing, performance and recording easier and more fun than ever. McLaughlin has been recording and performing with test versions of the device for almost a year, providing Fishman with valuable insight throughout the development process.

“After experimenting with various MIDI guitar interfaces for the past 37 years, there is finally something that truly works!” McLaughlin said. “What I mean by this is that you can really play your guitar with Triple Play and it feels musical, without any bugs or snags.”
Triple Play’s slim and intuitive form factor allows fast, easy setup so guitarists can quickly get to an unlimited palette of instruments and sounds at their fingertips, all  with the freedom of wireless control.

Guitarists now have the  flexibility to compose with a wide range of instruments while getting full, accurate notation through Triple Play’s interface in order to share music with other band members. Triple Play’s precise note-by-note transcription capability also let beginners learn faster and more intuitively.

On stage, guitarists can use Triple Play to combine their guitar with any virtual instrument or hardware synthesizer to access a wide range of instruments, samples and sounds to expand the depth and impact of live performances.

The easiest way to seamlessly integrate a guitar with a favorite DAW running on a PC, Mac® or iPad®, Triple Play quickly and easily becomes a complete music recording and production tool. Guitarists can build entire arrangements with drums, bass, keyboards, horns, strings, voices and more, all from the Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller.

Triple Play comes equipped with a Wireless Controller, Hexaphonic Pickup, and Wireless USB  Receiver. The Controller and included software works with industry standard DAWs and Virtual Instruments and installs quickly and non-intrusively on any guitar.

The Triple Play system features several “hold” functions such as sustain, looping, and arpeggiators, along with string or fret splits for  multiple instruments. Also included are Menu navigation controls for the included software and a Guitar synthesizer volume control. A Guitar, Mix, Synth switch is easily accessible during performances.

A low profile design (less than .5”) allows the Controller to be left on the guitar and still fit in the case. It operates with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (included). Triple Play’s powered USB Wireless Receiver interfaces with computers or iOS devices.  The system comes with a comprehensive Windows, OSX and iOS software bundle to get users started.

A Triple Play Wireless Guitar Expander option provides additional connectivity for interfacing wireless MIDI signals to computers or iOS devices. It adds a full function USB audio interface with  guitar input, bypass and headphone output, MIDI hardware IN and OUT and support for footswitches to greatly extend Triple Play’s capabilities for recording, performing or composing music.

A few more Godins… Godin? Godii?

An interesting 10-string Multiac, with the top 4 strings doubled, presumably in octave and/or unison.


Cliff Burton Lives!!

Well… in name and inspiration. Aria is paying tribute to the late Metallica bass player with a brand new signature model.


I believe Cliff’s dad, Ray Burton was here for the launch.



Did you want to see some new Caparisons???


I’m not enough of a Capari-fan to be able to tell if any of these are the new affordable C2 Series, but they sure do look purty!


Oh wait. This one says C2 on the headstock. Silly me. That does look pretty good… but part of me wonders whether it can really truly be a Caparison without those clock inlays.


Swollen heads, misshapen bodies…?!


9-string monster from Ibanez

This has been spreading around the net quite a bit since yesterday… what a freaking behemoth. I wonder if the great Tosin Abasi will be rocking one of these soon, aside from his own signature model, the prototype of which I was lucky enough to see up close and personal at the end of last year.


More where that came from in the Flickr account, and I’ll update it as Matt snaps the pics through the day!

Thanks for looking – and check back tomorrow for Day 3!


  1. Holy shit… the neck on that 9-stringer is probably bigger than my hand!

  2. Hamish (@hamo_d) says:

    Rockin good coverage. Caparison C2 looks sick! New Rockshop line maybe?

  3. those Caparison pics!!!!!!—-I miss my Dellinger so bad :) Matt Walsham bring them to NZ!~Please!~

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