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NAMM 2013: Marshall Slash Signature AFD 5W amp to debut

A little while ago there were rumours that an AFD-themed 5 watter was in the works. Later on, we found out that a German webstore had started taking preorders for it.

Marshall have been extremely hush hush about it – no teasers, actually, precious little publicity at all.

But finally, from the newsfeed of the man himself:



Colour me interested, if nothing else just out of curiosity since I’m a rabid Slash fan. I already own a Marshall AFD100 so I probably won’t be buying this…. probably. GAS is a terrible thing.

I wonder what the specs are going to be like? It’s going to be something terribly special to be able to live up to the AFD name, from where I’m standing. I’ll be quite upset if Slash is now just stamping the AFD name on things just to take another huge payday.

Slash is a guitar god… but I’ve gotta say this, he’s also the freaking marketing and branding god of the music industry as well! Let’s see what NAMM brings us…

Edit: Here are some sneaky details just for you.

Marshall Amplification is pleased to announce the launch of the new SL-5C Slash Signature Amplifier.


The SL-5C is an all valve 5 watt amplifier incorporating various features, but above all else that distinctive Slash tone.

Working closely with Slash after the success of the AFD100, it was deemed appropriate to make a more accessible amplifier that is ideal for home or studio use. The SL-5C has two channels; Clean and Overdrive. A single volume control for the clean takes you from authentic Slash clean to Marshall crunch. The Overdrive channel, consisting of volume and gain, nails the AFD style tone and more.

Both of the channels have obviously been approved by Slash himself. A master EQ section of Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence is included, as well as high quality custom voiced digital reverb. On top of providing 5 Watts of valve power, the SL-5C can also be switched to just 1 Watt at any time giving you perfect Slash tone at bedroom volume. The amp also has high and low sensitivity inputs.

At the heart of the amp are three ECC83 preamp valves and a single EL34 valve for its power stage. Slash’s favourite Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ 12” speaker brings the amplifier to life.


2 Custom Voiced footswitchable Channels – Clean & Overdrive (footswitch included)
Green/Red Channel Status LED’s
Full EQ section
Presence Control
Digital Reverb (footswitchable)
High/Low Sensitivity Inputs
Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker
Dual Output – 5 watts or 1 watt
8 & 16 ohm speaker outputs
Front panel includes Slash signature and fonts
Available Spring 2013     $699 (rumored not confirmed)




  1. Check the link again – I just updated the post with the latest specs and goss I’ve unearthed. And a PICTURE!

  2. Looks pretty good, and at a nice price. Dang!

  3. That price is in USD… I’d expect prices at LEAST on par with the 1W Anniversary series here in NZ, if not more because of the Slash name. So, $1000-1200 for us.

  4. […] Update: it’s now official, to be announced at NAMM 2013, and you can find the specs right here. […]

  5. Corey Hamill says:

    Ooooh me likey!

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