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Gibson Custom for 2013: Joe Perry ’59 Burst Les Paul!

Have you heard the story about the ’59 Gibson LP that was owned by Joe Perry, was stolen, passed through numerous hands and awhile later ended up in the hands of none other than Slash? Here’s a quote from Slash about it:

The ’59 Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul was brought to my attention in ’88 or ’89. Apparently it had been stolen from Joe Perry and sold a few times before someone called me and asked if I was interested in buying it. Once I found out it was the real thing, I bought it. Anyway, I kept it for a long time; but I knew that Joe really loved that guitar probably as much as I did. So I gave it to him for his birthday earlier this year.

Well here’s the cool news: Gibson Custom is doing a bunch of limited run Tom Murphy aged replicas of this exact historic guitar.

All the gossip/details I’ve got so far are in this image:




  1. Clarky says:

    It’s so old now it won’t be worth anything. ;-)

    1. thesamurai says:

      Haha! Yeah, that old shit eh, might as well just give it away!

      1. kelv_w says:

        Prices are starting to unveil now.

        VOS going for £5299
        Aged for £8000

        I’m so tempted to get the Aged one but my common sense says no. Damn GAS

        1. thesamurai says:

          Haha don’t let common sense get the best of you…. someone’s gotta buy all the cool Les Pauls!! And you’ve already got quite a head start!

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