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More news on Schecter Amplification – USA made, all tube designs!

Remember the ominous but awesome picture of a new full stack Schecter posted last year? We speculated a little about it here. Well, a little more info is trickling in now that we’re getting close to NAMM. Here’s what Schecter have told us so far:


We are proud to announce the debut of our SCHECTER AMPLIFICATION division at the upcoming Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim.

More detail are to come shortly, but we will be releasing a HELLRAISER-100  Full Stack and a HELLRAISER 2-12 Combo.

Here are a few initial details:

•               Made in the USA

•               All Tube design

•               1/2 Power Switch (100w/50w)

•               2 Independent Channels with Separate EQ and Boost

•               Innovative ‘Focus’ Control Optimized for 7 and 8 string range

•               ‘Tight’ feature

•               Speaker cabs loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s

•               Innovative Inputs for Passive and Active Guitars

•               XLR Direct Output with Straight or Slant Speaker Emulation

•               Designed by world renowned amp designer James Brown

We promise more info soon and more BIG News shortly!


Unfortunately it isn’t James Brown the Godfather of Soul who’s designing these amps (RIP) – but apparently this is the dude who had a hand in designing things like the JSX, 5150 and Classic series for Peavey. It’ll be interesting if he can produce another modern classic for Schecter!

Also, that logo is way too freaking big. I predict that in classic 5150 fashion, the brand name will be the first thing people unscrew and throw in the bin when they buy this amp.


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  3. […] Our other guitarist is a Schecter endorsee, so we made a visit as soon as we landed in LA. Their setup is seriously very impressive. They have two huge buildings, one for the offices and one for the custom shop. They even have their own professional recording studio for any of the employees to use and their own photo studio! We got to meet the president of schecter and were given a sneak preview of their new amp range. The cabinets are all built and good to go and were were shown three current prototypes of their amp range. […]

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