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PRS Pre-NAMM News – Neal Schon signature model for 2013

Ah, tis the season of press releases! Just got this one in from PRS. After flirting with Gibson for years with his Floyded models, then getting pissed off because they basically ported what was to be his signature model and turned it into the Gibson Les Paul Axxcess (which was a bit of a fail), Neal Schon has finally turned to PRS (whose guitars he has been using for ages anyway) to give him some sweet signature guitar action.

— January 8, 2013 —

PRS Guitars Introduces Neal Schon Signature Models

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) January 8, 2013 – Neal Schon of Journey is joining the PRS family of artists with two distinct signature models: the NS-14 and NS-15. Neal was intimately involved in the design of nearly every aspect of these instruments…from the stylized f-holes to the hardware details.

The NS-14 is a completely new PRS design incorporating a 14” semi-hollow singlecut body with a new neck joint designed to allow greater access to the higher frets. The NS-15 is a thinline hollowbody based on the Neal Schon limited edition Private Stock guitar offered in early 2012. A portion of Neal’s signature tone comes from his long-standing use of Floyd Rose tremolo systems. The NS-14 and NS-15 add a Floyd Rose to the PRS Core line for the first time.

“The new NS-14 and NS-15 PRS guitars are on the cutting edge of now. I love everything about them. I had the pleasure in helping in the creation of these beauties and I love the weight, sound, and ultimate playability. These are among the best guitars I’ve ever played. Check ‘em out.”  – Neal Schon, Journey

Check out these new models at: and





Thoughts: WOW, the NS14 looks super pimp. I would love one, but I tremble to think what the list price is going to be like…


  1. Hollowbody floyd?! lol make a custom 24 with a floyd and we’ll talk!

  2. Yeah, semi-hollow + Floyd will be a pretty interesting proposition…

  3. […] is no different, with an array of beautiful guitars on display – starting off with the NEW Neal Schon signature model that we talked about recently! Semi-hollow with a Floyd, now that’s something you don’t […]

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