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Warmoth to stop making Les Paul bodies – Gibson says we’ll sue!

That’s right. Warmoth Custom Guitars, probably the world’s biggest aftermarket manufacturer/seller of parts bodies and necks, will no longer be making LP-shaped bodies from now on. Apparently they’ve been threatened with legal action from Gibson, as per the statement below:

In response to Gibson’s legal demands over potential trademark issues, Warmoth is no longer building new product for this precise body shape. However, there may be existing product available from our In Stock Showcase that will satisfy your needs – until they are all gone. New body styles will be available in the coming months. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

However, you can still buy the Showcase stock which has already been made – so if you’re on the lookout for a project LP body from Warmoth, you can still find a few gems like this while they last.


You can check out the rest of the available bodies (there are quite a few at the moment) here:


  1. Percy Ottershaw says:

    God I am SO relieved! I mean here I was wondering if the next time I go out to buy a Gibson firebird, I might get all confused and come back with a PRS like last time – or even an old Ibanez! But the good ol boys at Gibson are keeping the experience pure and making sure I don’t even get a bolt neck Gibson lookalike – have to go buy a vintage ‘sonex’ or Maurader model Gibson for that experience! Yep Gibson cares that you feel the Gibson experience – for pics of what they are doing, go to tube 8 dot com and click on any of the gay guy videos. Now don’t that feel SO nice y’all?

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