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You’ve never seen gear this close – Part 1 of 3!

You’ve never seen gear this close – Part 1 of 3!

Dec 2, 2012

As a proponent of general guitar geekery, I hang out on a couple of guitar forums, trying to keep my finger on the pulse, but really, just to talk a bit of smack and have a laugh (y so srs?). Every so often something really awesome pops up that you just didn’t except – and this is one such thing, which was posted at The Marshall Roadhouse forum, by forum member Nebulozny. I’ve recently been starting to get a bit more seriously into photography, so this was especially intriguing to me. Here’s the post, which he kindly gave me permission to reproduce:


Well, I’ve been into photography for long time, lately I went to macro stuff, so I thought why not do some macro shots of Marshalls and guitar stuff…so here it is, hope you enjoy it.

0.49 string in tune


First string and really dirty frets

Humbucker polepiece



ECC83 pins
ImagePervert looking top of the preamp tube
ImageEL34 pins

My DSL50 close and personal…

This is front panel cloth

Lead channel light

Goes to eleven?

Another knob

Wow – that’s a pretty amazing, largely unseen perspective on the gear we take for granted every day.
I was pretty inspired by these shots, and I’m going to try to take some macro shots of my own gear – though I don’t really have any super fancy lenses yet so they probably won’t be anywhere near as good. But I’ll try!!


Next week, I’ll post some of my own macro photos up for Part 2 – but for Part 3, I want to see YOUR photos.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be a super close-up, but try for a cool new perspective that you haven’t seen before. You can email your photos to me here.

Happy snapping!


  1. Teko says:

    The dirty frets are scary! but cool nonetheless, never seen gear this way before

    1. thesamurai says:

      Haha yeah I hate to think what my guitars look like that close up, since I never clean my guitars! I guess we’ll find out soon when I try and do some of my own.

  2. […] month or two ago I did a feature on some macro photography that a poster on the Marshall Roadhouse forum had done – it showed guitar gear up close and […]

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