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Line 6 DT50 and DT25 firmware update v2.0 is out!

As some of you may have figured out, I’m now a prolific Line 6 HD500 and DT25 user!

So I was really excited this morning to discover that the DT25 and DT50 have a firmware update that has just been released!!

DT25 and DT50

Boutique Amp Factory

DT-series amplifiers combine the analog components found in most vintage and modern tube amps with programmable control, giving you a complete boutique amp factory in one convenient package. Co-designed by technology leader Line 6 and tube-amp guru Reinhold Bogner, the DT series defines a new class of amplifier that provides unprecedented versatility.

Free v2.0 Firmware Update

Available as a free download, v2.0 firmware takes your DT amp from four voicings to total flexibility. Create never-before-heard amp tones by pairing any of 30 HD preamps with any combination of dynamic topologies within Reinhold Bogner’s reconfigurable tube power amp.

The dynamic topologies include four negative feedback loop options (tight, loose, zero and resonant), operating class (A/AB), power tube configuration (pentode/triode), 12AX7* (normal/boost), B+ voltage* (phase inverter high/low) and feedback capacitor* (cap X/Y).

You can also configure each voicing with your choice of 12 reverbs, complete with per-channel spillover—and more.

*DT50 only.

For more info check out:

I’m not really quite sure just yet but it seems to allude to the fact that you can now put in your choice of any of the 30 HD models available in the HD500 into the bank of 4 that you store on your DT… but I’m not too sure about the execution, and whether a control system like HD Edit has been introduced for the DT. It seems like the options are slightly limited since the DT heads only talk MIDI and not USB.

Actually, on second read it appears that you’ll have 8 storable options – each channel will have its own bank of models, e.g. Ch. A you can have 4 set models, while Ch. B you can have another set of models. Flexibility and versatility factor through the roof!

I’ll update it as soon as I can and keep you guys posted!

Quick edit:

This document seems to indicate that you can use MIDI to select which amp model you’re using, which means that ALL the HD amp models will now be stored locally within the DT head! Cool!! However, I don’t really use MIDI… so I’m hoping there’ll be some way to “set” which amps default from the control panel, so I can get rid of that pesky low gain Park model and put a juicy high gain Marshall tone in there!

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  1. Could be cool! I have dt25 combo, please post if you think installation is worthwhile. I’d have to buy a USB to midi cable, seems strange that line 6 designed the unit without any form of screen to be able to scroll through the voicing’s.

  2. Holy shit dude, I just updated and it is TOTALLY WORTH IT. That is, if you want your amp with 4 possible voicings to turn into an uber-amp with 8 possible voicings out of 30 HD models!

    I did the install via MIDI, but be careful what MIDI cable you use. I used a Roland UM-ONE, but a friend tried to use an unrecognized MIDI cable and his DT50 head is now not working :(

    Also, if you have an iDevice, you’ll be able to control the programming/mapping from your phone or pad. It is AWESOME. If you run into trouble let me know and I’ll try and help you sort it out!

  3. Sounds like a bit of a worry that his heads stopped working! I bought the dt series amp because it is highly versatile but not too overloaded with different tonal options. Just a little worried that if i install the patch ill end up with too many options loose the drive to experiment with a certain tone to get the sound you want.
    I have been driving the amp with a boss SD-1 overdrive pedal and loving the sounds that i can get through it. Would it be easy to revert back to the old settings if I wasn’t happy with the patch?
    I bought a second hand line 6 XT live floor pedal a few months back but have pushed it to one side because there are just too many options to play around with!

  4. Hey Chris. Well luckily his amp is working again now! He rang Line 6 support and they helped him out.

    There is a very easy built in reset if you want to put it back to stock. Basically you just pinch the topology and pentode/triode switch towards each other during power up and you’re back to your stock amp models!

  5. […] Since I wrote this, an update has been issued for the DT series which allows it to locally store ALL the HD series preamps, […]

  6. I created a way to easily modify your DT25 or DT50 while you’re on the road. Try this new iPhone app:

    You can modify your amp settings, and you can store saved configurations to your Dropbox.

    There is also a Mac version.

    Please let me know what you think, or how to improve it to make it more useful.



    1. thesamurai says:

      Hey Cass, that’s cool, thanks for linking to your product. Can you tell me how/why this is better than the TouchOSC app that Line 6 recommend?

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