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Line 6 vs Soldano – the big reveal! And Crunch channel clips!

Line 6 vs Soldano – the big reveal! And Crunch channel clips!

Oct 29, 2012

Welcome back! So last week, we did a blind A/B comparison between the new Line 6 POD HD500 model based on the Soldano SLO100’s Overdrive channel, and an ACTUAL Soldano SLO100. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here.

We did 4 clips in total, with the Line 6 gear panned to one side, and the SLO100 panned to the other, and asked you to guess which was which, for the “grand prize” of some brand new Six-String Samurai custom picks.

First of all, thank you all for having a guess, I was super stoked to see the insane participation on that one, and hopefully you guys will keep it up. And secondly, a HUGE thanks to Line 6 who shared the article through their social media channels, which allowed a whole heap of people to see it!!

Amp tetris

Was I right?!?! Hurry up!

What did you guess?

I’ve been saying for awhile now that it’s become very difficult to tell the difference between modelled and tube sounds, on a recording at any rate – and this A/B test has definitely helped strengthen that opinion!

Here’s the big secret:

For the first three tracks (Hot for Teacher, Still Got the Blues, and Bark at the Moon), the real SLO100 was panned to the right.

On the last track, Outshined, both signals are the real SLO100, but one is EQ’d a little brighter. Sneaky bastard!


We have a winner(s)!

Who guessed the best of the rest??

By my count (and feel free to tell me I got it wrong… it’s early in the morning!) these two chaps both got 3 guesses right as to which channel the real SLO100 was:

  • Michel Sancovich
  • JeremyB


If you guys can email me your details, I’ll send out some Samurai picks to you as soon as possible!

Crunch time!

Since last week I concentrated on doing A/B clips for the Overdrive channel, this time I thought I’d finish the set with some focus on the Crunch channel!! I’ve been trying to write some new tunes for one of my bands, Scatterhawk, and did a first draft arrangement of the song I was working on last night, check it out here:

Line 6 HD500 vs Soldano SLO100 – Crunch!

I won’t make you guess this time… Soldano is panned LEFT, and the HD/DT is panned RIGHT.

Since I was trying to get a feel for how the song would sound, I left both tracks on the whole time, so from that video it might be a little difficult to really hear how either one sounds. However, with that in mind, here are the isolated tracks!


The solo is me on the HD500, and I figured you can hear that loud and clear anyway, but if anyone’s interested in an isolated version of that I’m happy to upload it too!

So what did you think? Did you guess right for last week’s A/B?

I think this comparison really kind of puts it into perspective for me. The modelling world is getting scarily close to getting it 100% right, BUT in my mind there’s always going to be the need for amazing amps like the SLO100 to be designed FIRST before they can be modelled. And someone somewhere is always going to want that original SLO100 sound – especially since there is a wealth of mods that you can do to personalize the SLO to your taste, which aren’t currently available for the POD.

Would I still own a Soldano SLO100 if I could afford it? Hell yes!

But I’m quite happy with my HD500 for now \m/

Samurai out!

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  1. Rhett says:

    Almost completely wrong in my guesses. Thanks for giving me my HD gas back Ed. ;-)

    I will say though that in the 2 tracks above I reckon the SLO sounds beefier, but I’m pretty sure that’s just in the EQ’ing, right?

    1. thesamurai says:

      Haha! You’re most welcome!

      Also… yeah, the tracks aren’t optimized to sound the same, so I guess it’ll just come out as personal preference as to which one people like better!

  2. Fatobene says:

    Hey man, great Work! Can you send or upload these patches? Or post the settings? Dude, I´m seeking “crazily” a good sound with Slo 100 crunch and Overdrive. Thanks!!!

    1. thesamurai says:

      Hi Fatobene!! Thanks for reading and listening!

      My settings for the Overdrive clips were pretty much exactly the stock settings for the model! I liked them and just went with them – I’m not exactly a super tweaker, my attention span is too short, hahaha.

      For the Crunch clips you see above, I did try the experiment of matching the EQ settings to what I had on the actual SLO100. Basically all controls set to 7, perhaps with a little more bass, set to taste. There’s definitely a difference in the EQ curves though, as I was able to hear after the fact – but both still sound good, in my opinion!

      Hope that helps! If you have any more questions just let me know. What’s your rig with the HD like?

      1. Fatobene says:

        Thanks man! Great setttings haha… It’s more easy than I could imagine. My rig is very simple, I have a cort viva gold series iii, with emg 81/85, great sound! Pod hd 500 and a skp loudspeaker. I get an amazing sounds… but I’m studying the line 6 dt 50 combo. I’m brazilian and here is a little rarely this amp and it is really expensive. But someone can talk about it? Dt 50 sounds really better than a comun loudspeaker?

        1. thesamurai says:

          Hi Fatobene,

          Sorry good sir, I missed out on your comment here! Hate to leave anyone hanging – the people who read this site are why it exists!

          I actually did a review of the L6 DT50 here:

          If you have any further specific questions just let me know!

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