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Review of the Kemper Profiling Amp!!

Review of the Kemper Profiling Amp!!

Jun 5, 2012

I’m so excited!! My review of the Kemper Profiling Amp has now been published on the NZ Rockshop website – check it out here:

If you have any questions about it, feel free to give me a yell.


  1. yustech says: osciloscope…

  2. Francky says:

    Hi, the link to the review of the KPA is broken. Can you fiw it or verify that the article was not deleted? ;)

    1. thesamurai says:

      Thanks Francky! When I can get to a proper computer I will fix it!

      1. thesamurai says:

        Hmmmm, it looks as if Rockshop (who commissioned me to write the article) have taken it down. I’ll see whether I can either get them to put it back up, or whether they’re happy for me to put it up here now. :) Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  3. dayna says:

    I’m interested in your view of the kemper. Rockshop obviously pulled it because they are not the dealer for it. do you have a copy you can post or rockshop owns it?

    1. thesamurai says:

      Hey Dayna – the write-up I did now lives here. :)

  4. […] (Don’t forget to check out our own review of the KPA here) […]

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